Ironworker Tooling

At Onix Machinery, we carry a wide variety of Ironworking Tooling accessories, designed and built with versatility in mind. Made possible by Edwards, this Ironworkers Tooling includes Attachments and Accessories specifically designed for your Edwards Ironworkers. They easily attach to provide expanded functionality, so they can handle all sorts of different jobs.

Attachments are components you can add-on to your ironworker to expand its capabilities. There over 12 attachments that you can quickly swap back-and-forth to get the job done!

You can also accessorize your Edwards Ironworkers with Gauging tables, Stripper Plates, and Urethane Strippers. If you are looking for parts, blades, Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Pipe Notcher blades, etc.

For more information on the capabilities of our Ironworker Tooling, contact us today—we’ll be happy to help.

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