Edwards Jaws Ironworker

At Onix Machinery Sales, we’re here to supply you with ironworker machines that can handle any metalworking project. We offer two lines of Ironworkers produced by Edwards Manufacturing: The JAWS line and the ELITE line. Edwards JAWS Ironworkers are the perfect option for customers who are looking for a powerful, versatile tool to meet all their needs. Fully equipped to handle all the basic functions with a punch assembly, the JAWS line of Ironworkers is bolstered by our extensive line of Tooling Accessories, giving the user the ability to tailor their Ironworker to their specific needs. This includes a pedestal die table, flat bar shear, angle shear, and a Coper Notcher station. The Edwards JAWS Ironworker line is supported by many other innovative Hydraulic Accessory Tools. When powered by an Edwards Ironworker or the Edwards Porta Power, these hydraulic tools are the perfect complement to whatever metalworking project you’re working on. These tools expand the abilities of your shop quickly and economically.

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